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Home Maid Solutions:

Residential Cleaning

All of our services follow a Standard Quality Checklist to make sure your home is left Sparkling Clean!

We offer 3 packages which can be customized to meet your needs that build off our checklist. - Plus every cleaning comes with a FREE ‘Thank You’ gift! For a Free Over the Phone Quote give us a call or send us an email!

Pristine and Clean Package:

This Weekly Service Contract ensures your home is Pristine & Clean 24/7. We coordinate a schedule that includes everything from changing your air filter to steaming upholstery on top of completeing the Standard Quality Checklist.

Solutions Service Package:

Meet your cleaning needs with the option of Biweekly, Triweekly, or Monthly service. Choose one of our prebuilt Solutions Service Packages or customize your own schedule!

All Service Packages come with up to 3 FREE Cleaning Per Year

Home Maid Solutions Package:

For those who need a onetime clean we perform our Standard Quality Checklist in the desired areas of your home. Perfect for new customers, or as a gift for friends & family.